Dear Account Manager,

I write this hoping to filter out people about to:

  • Pay us to write them a script based on their specifications
  • Then are surprised when it doesn’t magically improve performance

Yup. That’s happened. A few times.

Here’s the main takeaway: If you can’t manually improve an account’s performance, it’s very unlikely to improve thanks to automation.

Implementing a script to do something you’re not already doing (for good reason) is always a gamble. It’s putting the cart before the horse. It’s treating the patient before diagnosing the issue – a common mistake with CRO too, incidentally.

That’s true of Bid Strategies, Tools and Scripts.

You’d do much better thinking of automation purely as a time-saving device then anything more is a bonus. And think about it, how amazing is that? Something which took you 2 hours every week could take…no time at all.

Also, honestly, you often don’t need to pay for anything. Let’s review the options:

  • Nothing – Google Ads is already pretty automatic if you think about it. Accounts don’t suddenly capsize when we’re away for the weekend
  • Bulk Uploads – Especially quick if you have some templates setup
  • AdWords Editor – Worth using just to avoid the slow online experience
  • Automated Rules
  • Bid Strategies – We’ve seen mixed results, but they can work well
  • Free Scripts – there are hundreds online. We’ve posted a few, too.

Economies of Scale

That’s another thing, you probably only want to look at paying for automation if you:

  • Have a large account, and/or
  • Have multiple accounts

There are a couple of exceptions:

  • Things change often, like if you sell used cars
  • You have on a solution which is particularly complex, like looking at 9 date ranges

It’s all about time saved and the value of that time but either way, walk before you run.

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