Free Scripts are wonderful. Scripts created exactly how you want them? Even better.

You know what works for your PPC accounts, we’re here to help you automate what works.

Every PPC Agency understands the enormous benefits of automation, but daily tasks always get in the way. That’s why we exist – we’re an agency built for agencies, helping to automate your AdWords accounts whether there are 5 or 500. Here’s how.

AdWords Scripts

AdWords Scripts are an extremely accessible yet surprisingly powerful tool for automating AdWords Accounts.

We’ve developed dozens of scripts for PPC agencies with over 100 clients spending millions per month. They’ve improved performance and saved a lot of time as a result.

We’re available to write custom AdWords Scripts which do…just about anything.

AdWords Scripts can be used to perform almost every possible task within the UI, with the advantage of external data integration and, of course, automation.

Advantages include:

  • Accessible: Once written, AdWords Scripts can be setup by even the most tech-shy account manager. That means powerful automation without time consuming, intrusive setup.
  • Free to run: You pay for script development, but that’s it. AdWords Scripts are hosted and run on Google’s servers.
  • Affordable: Thanks to their ease-of-use a powerful AdWords Script can be developed in as little as a day. Less time for us, less cost for you.

If you’re interested in what Scripts can do, you might be interested in our ideas article.

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