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What can Scripts do, exactly?

A few examples include:

  • Enable/Pause Ads based on stock – money spent on OOS products can be costly, and doesn’t help with customer trust.
  • Ensure prices are always up to date – it’s possible to grab prices from a website or database, then ensure they’re always up to date at AdGroup level.
  • Bespoke bid management – sometimes decisions are more than on or off, a depleted range often means lower bids, not pause bids.
  • Custom reports & dashboards – reporting can be one of the most time-consuming tasks for an Account Manager. Combing AdWords, Analytics and back-office data not only saves time but enables better decision making.

If it can be done manually, it can be done automatically 99% of the time

What’s the 1%? The AdWords API doesn’t support everything, especially brand new features